2011 NMRA National Convention
July 3 to 9, 2011 - Sacramento, California
The Unconventional Convention

Calendar Download

This page lets you download X2011 schedule information into the calendar program on your computer. It works with Apple iCal, Google Calendar, Microsoft Exchange/Outlook and should work with any calendar program that accepts a ".ics" format file.

Select the types of events to include in your download, then click "Download". The selected information will download automatically. What happens next depends on how your computer program is configured.

In some cases, the download will open automatically in your calendar program, which will then ask how you want to handle the new information. If you can insert the information as a new "category" or new calendar, we recommend you do that so the X2011 information will be kept separate from all the other information in your calendar.

In other cases, the file will be downloaded to the usual location for downloads. You'll then have to drag it onto your calendar icon, or open it with your calendar program.

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Full Schedule

The following will put a lot of concurrent items in your calendar, because there are a lot of clinics and tours. It might be best to download them one at a time.

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Formatting Options

Most calendar programs want their event listings in plain text. If your program accepts HTML-formatted event listings, you can select HTML below.

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