2011 NMRA National Convention
July 3 to 9, 2011 - Sacramento, California
The Unconventional Convention

Clinic Handouts

Here you'll find links to various clinic handouts and presentations given at X2011. Not every clinic will be listed here, but many are.

Clinic Title (Date Added) Presenter(s) Link (File size)
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35 Years on the Sacramento Central (7/09/11) Dick Witzens Presentation (3.54 mb)
Handout (163 kb)
Building Distressed Wood Structures (7/26/11) Jimmy Simmons Handout - Strip Wood (1.10 mb)
Handout - Clapboard Siding (834 kb)
Building Working Caboose "Frog-Eye" Marker Lights (7/09/11) Rich Malone Presentation (4.25 mb)
CATS: a CTC Panel that Grows (7/26/11) Rodney Black Presentation (3.32 mb)
Copper on Rails (7/04/11) Don Marenzi Presentation (70.1 mb)
Creating a Web Site for Your Layout (7/03/11) John Sing Presentation (5.20 mb)
Creating Waybills and Car Cards with Excel™ (7/26/11) Gary Saxton Presentation (746 kb)
DCC: Overview (7/26/11) Jim Betz Presentation (3.91 mb)
Free-moN: Modular Railroading (7/13/11) Dave Falkenburg Presentation (8.65 mb)
Free-mo Modular Signal System (7/26/11) Barry Draper Handout (74 kb)
From Basement to Benchwork (7/07/11) Rich Coleman Presentation (13.16 mb)
Grade Crossing Warning Systems (7/09/11) CSRM Volunteers Presentation (4.29 mb)
How to Run an Effective Division (7/13/11) Didrik Voss, MMR Presentation (1.42 mb)
Introduction to Free-mo (7/26/11) Bob Schrempp Presentation (7.19 mb)
Introduction to Signals for your Model Railroad (7/26/11) Seth Neumann Presentation (4.29 mb)
JMRI Operations (7/09/11) Dennis Drury Presentation (3.61 mb)
Appendix (63 kb)
JMRI Users Meeting (7/26/11) Bob Jacobsen Presentation (252 kb)
Layout Design Boot Camp (7/26/11) Seth Neumann & Byron Henderson Presentation (928 kb)
Handout (60 kb)
NEW 2/06/12 LED Lighting (2/06/12) Eric Eggel Presentation (5.84 mb)
Lighting of Cars & Locomotives (7/09/11) Joe Melhorn Presentation (5.94 mb)
Modeling California Packing Houses (7/26/11) Jim Lancaster & Bill Messecar Presentation (12.21 mb)
Model Railroading with Arduino: Introduction (7/13/11) Dave Falkenburg Presentation (5.37 mb)
Model Railroading with Arduino: Applications (7/26/11) John Plocher & Dave Falkenburg Presentation (7.13 mb)
MWTM: Building a DPM Kit (7/05/11) Clark Kooning, MMR Presentation ( 5.02 mb)
MWTM: Building Walthers Modular Buildings (7/05/11) Clark Kooning, MMR Presentation (5.23 mb)
MWTM: Scratchbuilding Car Loads (7/05/11) Miles Hale, MMR Lumber Wrap Artwork (2.26 mb)
NCE Users Forum (7/02/11) Mark Schutzer & Marcus Ammann Presentation (663 kb)
Nn3 Overview (7/07/11) Tom Knapp Presentation (25.43 mb)
OpenLCB (7/26/11) Bob Jacobsen Introduction (5.63 mb)
Summary (2.15 mb)
AutoConfiguration (675 kb)
Photographing Your Models (7/03/11) John Sing Presentation (1.94 mb)
Prototype Research Panel Discussion (11/24/11) Jack Burgess, MMR, et al Handout (Updated 11/24/11) (442 kb)
Rebuilding Brass Locomotives (7/02/11) Mark Schutzer Presentation (932 kb)
NEW 9/22/11 Scratchbuilding Crossings in Any Scale (9/22/11) Dick Karnes Presentation (3.4 mb)
Signaling Your Model Railroad (7/26/11) Bruce Chubb, MMR Handout (2.02 mb)
So, You Want To Build a Sawmill (7/04/11) Jim Zeek Handout (152 kb)
SP Freight Cars You Can Model (7/26/11) Tony Thompson Handout (165 kb)
NEW 9/22/11 Steel Strut Benchwork (9/22/11) Eric Eggel Presentation (11.9 mb)
Sunset Valley Oregon System (7/26/11)
(Presented at SIG Banquet)
Bruce Chubb, MMR Handout (64 kb)
Telecommunications for Model Railroaders (7/26/11) Seth Neumann Presentation (2.03 mb)
The Traveling Toolbox System (7/26/11) Pete Steinmetz Presentation (3.46 mb)
Track Planning and Layout Design (7/14/11) Steve Moore Handout (225 kb)
Trackside Signaling at the SMRHS (7/09/11) Joe Melhorn & Dave Megeath Presentation (3.12 mb)
Trouble Shooting and Repairing Brass Locomotives (7/02/11) Mark Schutzer Presentation (931 kb)
Use and Abuse of Excel™ in Model Railroading (7/26/11) Gary Saxton Presentation (1.24 mb)
Vision and the Aging Modeler (7/26/11) Richard Meetz, OD MS FAAO Handout (86 kb)
Working with Plastics (7/26/11) Russ Miller Handout - Plastics (54 kb)
Handout - Glues (61 kb)
Handout - Choosing Adhesives (71 kb)
World Wide Model Railroad Tour (7/03/11) John Sing Presentation (3.53 mb)

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