2011 NMRA National Convention
July 3 to 9, 2011 - Sacramento, California
The Unconventional Convention

Layout Tours

PLEASE NOTE! If you have mobility issues and have already signed up or plan to sign up for any bus tours, please see the "Mobility Issues" page for important information.

Sure, we will have a lot of layout tours, but...

  • How about also self-guided layout tours the weekend before the start of the convention?
  • How about taking the Amtrak Capital Corridor push-pull commuter train to see some San Francisco Bay Area layouts during the week?
  • How about the chance to operate on some well-known layouts during the convention?

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Layout Tours

Layout Descriptions – See Layout Details for all layouts on tour

Jack Burgess — Yosemite Valley Railroad (YVRR)
HO scale 20' x 20' Operating Session(s) PHOTOS
This replica of the Yosemite Valley Railroad fills a two car garage. Full scenery, exceptional detail, and prototype modeling. Recreates August 1939 on the Yosemite Valley RR with exact duplication of locomotives, rolling stock, buildings, scenes, and scenery. Over 100 scratchbuilt structures. The rolling stock is scratchbuilt, resin and styrene kits. Operating style is prototypical, and tightly structured reflecting 1939 practices, i.e., little or no non-prototype talking, etc. Operations include two through freights and two locals operating at scale speeds (typically 15 mph) involving a number of meets. North Coast DCC with wireless throttles and Soundtraxx decoders, party line telephone, TT&TO, 8:1 fast clock, switchlists, documentation includes employee timetable, fascia labeling, orientation. Duckunder to enter layout. Website

Featured in Model Railroad Hobbyist 3rd Qtr 2009, Model Railroader December 1999, numerous issues of Railroad Model Craftsman, and Great Model Railroads Volume 15 (video).

See more of Jack's layout in the Railroad Model Craftsman January 2008 and January 2010 issues.
Featured in:
RMC January 2008 issue cover
Jim Dias — Western Pacific 3rd Subdivision
HO scale 20' x 20' Operating Session(s) PHOTOS VIDEOS YouTube logo
On Jim's Western Pacific 3rd Subdivision, the Feather River Route, it's spring of 1938 up in the canyon along the namesake river. Fully scenicked, the quality of the scenery has been praised by former WP employees for its accuracy. A beautiful rendition of Keddie Wye is a scenic highlight, along with scenic logging railroad on the upper, unconnected deck. Walkaround design features operations scheme adapted from WP timetable. System One/NCE DCC control, with many sound-equipped locos. 100% sceniced. Duckunder to enter layout.

See more of Jim's layout in September 2001 Model Railroader, May 2000 Railmodel Journal, July 2000 Railroad Model Craftsman, and May/June 2010 Model Railroad Hobbyist. Back issues are still available!
Featured in:
May/June 201 Model Railroad Hobbyist cover
Jim Dias' Western Pacific

Kent Williams — Oregon, Washington, Navigation & Railway (OWNRy)
N scale 9' x 23' Operating Session(s) PHOTOS
The OWNRy is a proto-freelanced N-scale layout set in the Pacific Northwest, with Portland, Oregon as the major division point. Five major Class 1 railroads intersect, operating both freight and passenger traffic. The Union Pacific, delivers freight and passengers to and from Portland and the East Coast via La Grande, Oregon. The SP&S (jointly run by both GN and NP) runs from Spokane through Pasco, WA, then along the North Bank to Portland. The Southern Pacific serves as a conduit from Portland to California. Pool traffic and a fictional branch have interchange traffic. CTC is used for track authority on the mainlines, along with car cards and waybills for freight forwarding. Several class one passenger trains are operated, including City of Portland, the Daylight, Empire Builder and North Coast Limited. 80% sceniced. Digitrax DCC. Website

See more of Kent's layout in the November 2010 Railroad Model Craftsman.
Featured in:
RMC November issue cover
Sacramento Area Layouts
HO/HOn3 PHOTOS VIDEOS on Facebook logo
Sacramento area layouts include: Dave Houston's Southern Pacific Rocklin Subdivision, a double-decked 28' x 47' HO layout, to be featured in the December 2010 NMRA magazine; Sacramento Model Railroad Historical Society's HO and HOn3 Southern Pacific / Western Pacific layouts; Robert Hoffman's HO Santa Fe Hereford Subdivision; and Tom Weissberger's HO Union Pacific.

More layout descriptions and photos coming SOON!

Layout Tours Coordinator, Scott Inman

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