Why Gamble:The risks and rewards of Gambling

Why is it that movies and TV shows portray these wealthy posh men getting adrenaline hits in casinos while placing bets on a particular machine or just a simple card game? What is it really that is so captivating about gambling which draws both men and women alike? The answer is simple; Profitable entertainment. Gambling is a game of manipulations and double bluffs. You play on a machine that predicts the chances of winning and place bets accordingly. The entire game is then just a constant prayer and hope for a lucky win which indirectly gives back more than invested. So it’s profitable and you do it for entertainment. These two factors are the main reasons why many people become addicted to it. The hope of changing your life overnight by walking into a casino with only a few bucks to spare and leaving with a jackpot is every man’s dream. Wouldn’t you want to try it once yourself? But like everything else, gambling too has its downside. The chances of losing are equally high and for a man who bets by millions, this is definitely bad news.   But before we get into the complete list of the pros and cons of casino gambling mmc996, it is best to know what exactly happens.

Now there are two kinds of people who gamble according to a survey taken last year: The friendly-player and the serious-gambler.

The friendly-player is a person who gambles for entertainment purposes. Now these are usually beginners in betting or those who come with friends and simply want to have a good time amongst them. The bets are placed in small amounts as cash is not given much importance here. This happens legally,

The serious gambler is the one who gambles with millions and billions of money. For him, a single game either means 3 new porches or drowning in debts. His business is gambling; Luring weak minded ones into it and gaining money. He lives his life at great risk because a single wrong prediction on his side could wash away millions. Such gambling in casinos is high-end and notoriously played.

The Risks involved—

  • The most obvious one is you could lose and get yourself into a mountain of debts.
  • The unpredictability factor is high in gambling.
  • The win is uncertain.
  • It is impossible to always win therefore losing is inevitable
  • Gambling is quite addicting and hard to lose the habit.


The Rewards involved—

  • You could win a lot of money over a single game thus transforming your life overnight.
  • The entertainment and fun that comes with it is another kind of rush.
  • Variety of games to gamble on. So even if you lose in one, you can always try your luck at another game.
  • The odds of winning are fairly high.
  • Easy to learn and gamble.
  • Exposure to other kinds of gambling and betting sports.

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